3 Ply Washable & Reusable Face Masks

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We are proud to announce that BABISA is now one of the distributors for a 3 – Ply Washable & Reusable Face mask, these masks are Designed by Pharmacists and Manufactured in South Africa.


  • Washable & reusable
  • Comfortable fit with binding ties to fit all sizes
  • No rubber bands, that will perish after multiple washes
  • Breathable & room between mouth & mask
  • Manufactured in South Africa
  • As suggested by Department of Health


  • Wearing this mask should be done in conjunction with normal precautionary hygienic measures
  • Wear mask if you are coughing and / or sneezing
  • Do not share mask with others
  • Avoid touching front of mask whilst on face
  • Maintain a safe distance (1 to 2 meter) from surrounding individuals


  • Clean hands with alcohol based hand rub or soap and water
  • The user should ensure that the mask has been appropriately washed & disinfected before use
  • Mask must be disinfected by washing in 60 C hot water & soap (not boiling water)
    Allow mask to air dry
  • Once dry, iron lightly on low setting
  • Apply mask to face after cleaning hands with alcohol based hand rub or soap & water
  • Pull top & bottom of mask simultaneously to open. Cover mouth & nose with mask & fasten behind head (ensure there are minimal gaps between face and mask).


  • Remove mask by loosening ties at the back (do not touch front of mask)
  • Drop in basin / bowl of 60 C hot water & soap(not boiling water)
  • Clean hands with alcohol based hand rub or soap & water;Clean hands before removing mask from water/soap mixture & rinse with warm water
  • Allow mask to air dry;Once dry, iron lightly on low setting.



25  UNITS @ R17.95 each
50  UNITS @ R16.55 each
100  UNITS @ R16.25 each
500  UNITS @ R16.05 each
1000  UNITS @ R14.35 each
5000  UNITS @ R13.75 each
10 000 +  UNITS @ R12.05 each

Above pricing includes courier costs

Email : sales@classifieds.babisa.co.za
Cell     : 060 612 8150

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